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Cannabis infused Etrogcello

Check out the above recipe for how to make Etrogcello!

Sukkot is here! And with it comes the toxic Etrog! Why do we say toxic? Because most of them are. Literally toxic. In our never ending pursuit of creating the most beautiful Etrogin possible, we have created Etrogim with so much pesticides that many have deemed the Etrog grown in most places as toxic.

In fact, in Israel it is classified as "a ritual object" not as a fruit. And this way, one can grow them with as much pesticides as possible. To be absolutely clear, the pesticide use is so heavy that it tends to seep through the rind and all the way into the Etrog fruit itself. So, what to do with all these pesticide infused Etrogim after the holiday? Read on!

How to make Etrogcello.

First, don't. Just simply don't do it. Ever.

Unless you want to poison your friends. In which case, go for it. Job well done. A+.

Or, do what we do, use lemons and tell everyone it's Etrogcello. Yup. You read that correctly. And read on and we will tell you how.


  • 8 pesticide-free lemons. (DO NOT USE ETROGS!!!)

  • 0.25 grams activated cannabis

  • 375ml Vodka (you can get better results with higher proof alcohol but I’m assuming this is what people have)

  • 1 cup sugar


  1. Zest the lemons using a Microplane zester. Reserve the lemons for another use.

  2. Break up marijuana flower onto baking sheet.

  3. Put baking sheet in oven for 45 minutes at 225 degrees.

  4. Place the zest, sugar and (now activated) marijuana in a sealable glass container, pour in the spirit, seal and shake. Let mixture steep in a cool, dark place for two to three weeks.

  5. Filter your limoncello into a glass container for storage

  6. Once you've filtered limoncello into your final bottle, refrigerate it overnight. Store in the refrigerator or freezer and enjoy!

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