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Our Team

Who We Are

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Eli Katzoff

Co founder/Producer

Eli is an entrepreneur, award winning film maker and a cooking enthusiast. He currently lives between Israel and America and is very excited to be bringing his skillsets to the High Holiday Cooking team.


Avi Smith

Cofounder/Recipe developer/Writer

Avi has been hosting cannabis infused Hannukah and other holiday meals since 2007.  From teaching Jewish cooking classes at local synagogues to running a rugelach business out of his parents home, Avi loves using food and cooking as a tool to engage himself and others with Judaism.  

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Chef Tali Pinnolis

High Holiday Chef

Tali is a Newton, MA native with over a decade of experience as a pastry chef in some of Boston’s most prestigious institutions. She is also the former owner of Beech Tree Sweets, a specialty Kosher dessert company, and the current co-owner of Sweet Finale, a sugar-free cookie business. Tali brings her knowledge, industry experience, and passion for Kosher cuisine to the High Holiday team.

Rabbi Rami Schwartzer

Rami is an American-Israeli entrepreneur, healer, and experiential educator who offers creative entrées to spirituality across the globe. His work focuses on reframing religion as therapy for the human condition. From burning bush to Burning Man, he uses the tools of world religions, psychology, energy and movement to facilitate individual and communal experiences that have helped thousands of people live better lives. A frequent artistic collaborator and a cannabis enthusiast, Rami often works with multimedia artists to help wider audiences push the boundaries of our accepted reality.

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