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High Holidays

It's Kosher!

In 2016, ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky—one of the greatest and most revered Talmudic interpreters of his generation – ruled that marijuana is, in fact, kosher. But let’s delve a little deeper… 


For millennia, Jewish practice has been expressed through the sharing of food at communal meals. We look to food to bind us, to strengthen our identity, to remind us of our history, tell our mythical stories, and complement our spiritual lives. 


Among our enhancements has long been the use of wine and other spirits. Now, we have available to us another enhancement. Legal in 37 states for all uses, with legalization on the federal level forthcoming, marijuana is now available to us as a natural, time-tested addition to our spiritual lives. Incorporating it judiciously into our holiday meals enables us to further strengthen our communal ties and deepen our personal spiritual explorations.


The recipe for High Holidays Cooking is simple: take the best of beloved Jewish cuisine, add a bit of fresh herb, mix in a healthy dose of commentary, sprinkle in community, and flavor with history. 


You can think of High Holidays Cooking as only a gimmicky shtick for getting high with weed. Or you can embrace the opportunity to partake of what nature offers us to expand our horizons.

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